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Glory Day Software Company was originally founded in 1990 in Denver, as a sole proprietorship of Velma Kahn, Glory Day Software's CEO, Managing Director, Chief Programmer, and Chief Bottle Washer. The company was incorporated in 1996 in Virginia.

Glory Day Software is primarily a one-person company, by preference, and in general takes on projects sized appropriately for one developer. However, we often collaborate with others on projects, or engage the help of talent in areas in which we do not have expertise.

We often do pro bono work in the non-profit sector (no, we are not looking for any new projects--we have plenty at hand in this category).

We have worked with businesses of all sizes, government, and non-profits. Our ideal clients are non-profits and medium-sized businesses (big enough to afford custom software or web sites--we often counsel small businesses that they can't afford our services even if they want them).

We pride ourselves on quality work with clear focus on the overview and great attention to detail. We think we're better at that than most.

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